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Web Development for London

I'm a freelance web developer that'll create your website professionally, quickly and on budget. I will work solo or with your marketing team. I regularly work on projects with London based startups, companies and agencies.

On larger scale projects I have a network of other freelancers that can step in to outsource design and SEO to, if required.

I make new websites or just bug fixes / improvements to existing sites. Contact me with the project scope and you will be amazed at how quickly ⚡ I get back to you.

Web Applications

Custom built web apps and web portals that solve your business problem, or make your new idea a reality.

Laravel Development

I'm an Laravel developer and create bespoke web portals, dashboard and web apps using the TALL stack: Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS and Laravel Livewire.

Featured Case Studies

Redesign of news and informational site on the topic of international blasphemy laws and progress in the fight against them.

Why would you hire me?

I have a number of qualities which makes me a great fit for any role in your London based web project. I am a freelance developer which might raise the question of should you use a freelancer or a web agency?.

Genuine developer & designer

London based companies usually hire me as a developer but I also design websites and user interfaces. Take a look at my case studies - all of which have been designed and developed by me.

Best Practice SEO

While I focus most on web development, I have a sound knowledge and understanding of technical SEO best practices which will increase your search visibility.


I pride myself on being honest and friendly with all my clients and colleagues. I am transparent about pricing, decision making and I also know the limit of my abilities.

Rapid Turnarounds

I work quickly and I don't overload myself with too much work. I can turn projects around quickly and effectively and will always try to fit high priority jobs in, when I can.

What other reasons would you hire me? →
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London Development Case Study

Humanists International

Humanists International, a London based N.G.O. invited me to tender for the redesign their WordPress website, End Blasphemy Laws. The website is currently in their hands and waiting to be signed off.

After being impressed with my work they asked me to help with migrating an interactive map from a deprecated service to Google Maps JS API.

What my clients say about me

"John worked quickly to produce our new website. After our initial discussions he knew exactly what style we were aiming for and delivered it. We get loads of compliments about the site. We will definitely come back to him as the business grows."
Harry Kirby, LevelUp Media Training

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Will you come to London for a meeting with the stakeholders?

Yes, absolutely. I like to make sure we've agreed an approximate budget and deadline before we get into meetings, but after that I'd love to come and meet you.

02 We have offices abroad as well as London, can you attend meetings in other time zones?

Yes, if required I can make myself available for out of hours conference calls and video meetings. There may be additional fees depending when they are.

03 Are you a full stack PHP developer ( LAMP / LEMP )?

Yes I am. I develop all my sites in either Laravel, Statamic, WooCommerce or previously WordPress. With those PHP frameworks I will use CSS ( Tailwind CSS ), JS ( Vue / Alpine JS ) and MySQL.

04 Do you develop native mobile apps?

I don't develop using any native mobile technologies. I build progressive web apps using PHP, but can also develop APIs so that native apps can share the same data.

How close to London am I?

I have a permanent office based outside London but I am regularly working, attending meetings or conferences in around the city. I am happy to travel to your London offices for meetings after initial email exchange or call.

Office Address

P4 Allen House
The Maltings
CM21 9JX

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I am always available on the phone and I prefer to have an informal 5-10 minute chat about the project before we dive in to something more detailed.