Web Applications

I help solve business problems and inefficiencies using web based applications. Web apps can help you with any aspect of your business such as streamlining, automating, reminding or reporting.

You might have a new idea 💡 for a consumer app / service that needs an expert web developer to build it for you.

Business Apps

If you have a specific problem in your industry or business I'll help you develop a solution for the problem. Applications such as job logging, timesheets, customer portals, etc.

Consumer Apps

Hire me to make your new app idea a reality. Membership websites, subscription websites, directories, bidding platforms, procurement solutions, etc.

Web Application Development

Member Login

Simple and secure user account login, registration, password resets will usually form a crucial part of your web app and I will ensure they are easy to use and cannot be tampered with.


When a user interacts with your app you might need to fire off a notification to other users informing them about the event.

Your app can filter notifications such as email or SMS to only send to certain users or user types.

User Experience Planning

One of the most important parts of the design of your app is planning how the different types of users will flow through the journey, from registration to completion of tasks.

I can offer advice on how to improve the user experience (UX) to make the app is intuitive and tidy.

Roles and Permissions

As you start to add users to your application you will need to be able to manage what they can see and what they can create. By using permissions and assigning users to specific roles you can keep every one of the users in check.

UI Design

As well as the user experience in terms of the way the user moves though the app, I will play close attention the visual design of the application on all devices from mobile to desktop.

Database Query Design

It is quite common for application owners to need very specific data from your web app, and some of the conditions for that data might be complicated.

I have very good understanding of SQL which is the database language that will be used to get the exact results you need - quickly.

App Usage Reporting

One of the complicated database queries you might need to run is to get usage statistics from the all the user data over a specific time, or by a specific role.

I can allow you to view or generate data reports right from your own administration panel.

User Account Management

As an owner or administrator of a web app you will be dealing with users and roles all the time. Your admin panel will allow you to edit, suspend, promote and demote users as you see fit.

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Case Study

Motor Parts Procurement Web App

Partsweb was developed in 2019 as a way to put eligible motor parts suppliers in contact with the garages and mechanics that need them.

DVLA API Integration
Lookup vehicle data live from the DVLA database.
Quote Statuses
Automatic status changes based on the current stage of request and quotes.
Instant email notifications for suppliers and buyers.
User Roles and Permissions
Different user roles to restrict actions and content from for different types of users.
Provide statistics to suppliers to incentivise their response rate. Provide administrators with custom data reports on app usage.

What my clients are saying.

"A pleasure to work with John. He is friendly , professional and understand his clients needs exactly. He created a fantastic website with lots of personal touches. Would highly recommend using John."
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How does it work?

Just call or email to get started, but after that you can expect questions - a lot of questions.

1. Brief

Tell me why the web app needs to exist. What problem does it need to solve? Why do you need it? What are your expectations?

2. Estimation

Based on your brief I'll estimate how much the web app will cost and provide an idea of how long it will be until launch.

3. Full Spec

After we have agreed on the budget, timeframe and rough spec we need to get to the nitty gritty details of what will be built.

4. Development

I'll send regular email or video updates during the development so you know what's happening.

Or fill in the form...

What do you need? Why do you need it? What's your current web address (if applicable)? Etc.

I am always available on the phone and I prefer to have an informal 5-10 minute chat about the project before we dive in to something more detailed.