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What is Statamic?

Statamic is just a content management system. It's a way for you to control the content on your website by filling in forms in a control panel.

As of 2020 I have been encouraging all of my client's to allow me to use Statamic as the foundation of their website - sorry WordPress 😬.

New Statamic Websites

As of 2020 I pretty much build all my new websites using Statamic - read why below.

Migration to Statamic

I will migrate your current website, from wherever it is, onto Statamic.

Custom Add-ons

You might have a specialist website feature that your Statamic site needs. I'll get that done, no problems.

Fixes & New Features

If you already have a Statamic site I'll help you with any problems or new features you need.

Why would you choose Statamic to run your website?

There are a ton of technical reasons why you would choose Statamic. Such as having all your data stored in a version control system, enabling rollbacks and automatic deployments. I won't bore you with the nerdy stuff, so here are a few good non-technical reasons:


Statamic is a modern CMS meaning there is no old code which can be exploited. The most common explots are using database injection - but Statamic doesn't have a database!

You can easily lockdown your control panel, to stop anyone even seeing the login screen, let alone hack it.

Statamic is built on Laravel meaning it has all of the security features that Laravel has.

Load Speed

This website is built using Statamic, have you noticed how fast it is to load when you click on another page?

You can set your Statamic site to show plain old HTML pages without needing to constantly render pages using the server. Meaning you can get near perfect speed scores for SEO.


The sky's the limit in terms of what you can do with Statamic. You can ask me to build any feature and I can do it with Statamic.

Because Statamic is already built on one of the most popular website frameworks (Laravel), it makes adding custom functionality a doddle.

Premium Support

Statamic has free and pro versions. The professional licence gives me (and you) access to premium support. This means that any bugs fixed nearly immediately by the developers over at Statamic.

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