Honest, transparent website pricing

I prefer to work on an agreed fixed fee. If needed we can negotiate an hourly rate. The price I charge is defined by the time the project will take and the value I bring to it.

Please note: These prices are meant as a guide based on the "average specification". Your objectives might differ so please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

Business Sites

Bespoke brochure websites that will lead to a direct increase your enquiries. Designed and developed from scratch - exactly to your requirements.

Guide price typically between

£2,500 - £16,000

Online Shops

A beautiful, custom built online shop with simple or variable products, standard delivery, Paypal and Stripe payment methods.

Built to streamline your customers checkout flow, maximise their cart value and retain customers for life.

Guide price typically between

£12,000 - £30,000

Web Applications

Web applications can save your business thousands and even replace roles within your company. I build apps for pretty much any purpose.

The huge range in web app capability is reflected in the price range.

Guide price typically between

£4,000 - £40,000

Last Updated April 2024

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How much does a website cost and why?

Website pricing is really inconsistent: you can give the same brief to 3 different website developers / agencies and get prices ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands. That is because those 3 providers all use different techniques to build the website, they will also be making a number of assumptions or oversights.

Use the analogy of a house. Just as houses can range from modest to luxury, websites also range from simple to highly complex.

When you get a website built by me I will be helping you with search engine optimisation, branding, emails, web content as well as designing and developing the website itself.

How much does a 5 page website cost?

This question is such a classic. Let's clear this up: a website's price doesn't depend on number of pages.

Number of pages is a terrible way to quantify the size or quality of a website. Some one-page websites are extremely complicated and scroll and scroll width calculators, forms, complex animations. Some 100 page websites are made using the exact same template just swapping text and images in.

As a result you can use my "Business Site" guide price as a much better indication.

How much is your website worth to you?

If you didn't have a website how much would it cost you in real terms? A website built by me can generate 100s of enquiries a year. If that was the case, how much would the website be worth to you?

Contact me to see how I can help your business generate thousands of pounds worth of new business.