07580 338557 / john@johncarter.co.uk

Emergency Laravel support

I work with Laravel day-in-day-out. I have years of experience in bug fixing, diagnostics and troubleshooting Laravel web apps and custom builds. All I will need is access to the server and I'll get it fixed.

Emergency WordPress support

WordPress emergency support usually involves a process of elimination due the normal relainmace on plugins. I have been working with WordPress since 2009, so I know a few tricks.

Emergency WooCommerce support

While WooCommerce emergencies are certainly similar to WordPress emergency support, they usually come with the added complication of your website losing money while it's down. I'll use my experience to quickly get to the root problem and get you checkout working again.

Emergency Statamic support

So you are lucky enough to be the owner of a Statamic site, but something is wrong and needs fixing now. I am a Certified Freelancer with Statamic and not only have a huge amount of knowledge on the product, I also have access to the official core support team.

Common emergency website support questions answered

You will naturally be wanting to understand what

01 How quickly can I be available?

As long as I am at my computer I can be available within an hour or so usually, if not instantly.

02 How much does emergency website support cost?

With the open-ended nature of emergency support, it's notoriously difficult to say. I often will charge an hourly rate for fixes. Of course you can cap the spend to a sum which suits you. Give me a call to find out more.

03 Can you guarantee a fix?

Unfortunately I can't guarantee a fix, especially as it's always a another developer's code that I need to rummage through to find the fix.