Full Stack Laravel Developer

As a fullstack developer, I build nearly all my custom web apps using Laravel. If you already have a Laravel app that needs fixes or improvements - I can step in and get it sorted for you.

I'm well-versed in the Laravel framework and its complimentary services such as Laravel Forge, Telescope, etc.

I also prefer to use the TALL stack which uses Laravel Livewire, Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

Front End Development

Blade templates and Livewire components made beautiful with Tailwind CSS and interactive with Alpine JS.

Back End Development

All your data saved and retrived in logical, secure, performant SQL and Eloquent queries, using Laravel best practices.

UX Design

I ask the right questions to understand and implement how you want the users to interact with your web application.

Test Driven Development

Ensuring that new features and updates don't break existing features by having automatic testing in place to run before launch.

What I am and what I'm not 🤷‍♂️

During my years of experience in developing websites, I have gained some valuable lessons in what technologies and areas of web development in which I can help your business.

Not my thing

Doesn't mean I don't do them, but I am not actively working in these areas.

JAM Stack

Vue JS & React

Bootstrap CSS and SASS

Server infrastructure and Dev ops

Areas of expertise

I have set my focus on being a <strong>TALL stack developer</strong>: using Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS, Laravel Livewire.


Tailwind CSS

Laravel Livewire

Alpine JS


Want to understand more about how you can use the TALL stack?

I'll help your agency understand how you can use the TALL stack in your projects which will push your productivity through the roof and make future maintenance infinitely easier.

07580 338557 / john@johncarter.co.uk

Laravel Case Study

Twitter-like web application

Industri is a professional networking platform that has a similar feature list to that of Twitter. It has the added ability to create communities that allow topics of discussion to be more focussed and niched.

User directory search and filter
Registration and approval flow
Posts, comments, likes and replies
Private community creation
Real-time pop up notifications

Send me the overview of your Laravel project

I use my understanding of business to develop Laravel web apps from start to finish.

Or fill in the form...

What do you need? Why do you need it? What's your current web address (if applicable)? Etc.

I am always available on the phone and I prefer to have an informal 5-10 minute chat about the project before we dive in to something more detailed.