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In 2019, I won the tender for the redesign of End Blasphemy Laws from Humanists International. The existing site did not come across as authoritative and seemed too radical in its design.

I redesigned the website and logo to fit the new brief to be more trustworthy and to combine well into the Humanists International website.

The site features an interactive coloured map highlighting the severity of punishment for blasphemy in various countries of the world.

Key Features

01 Custom Google Map

The map on End Blasphemy Laws forms the main focus of the site. It displays a colour overlay on each country that the organisation has data on. The map is useful for determining how severe and where in the world there are problems with blasphemy laws but not really how many people are affected. I proposed that a sortable table of countries with their estimate population might be more useful, which I also developed.

02 Dynamic Title

On the homepage a title showing the number of countries where punishment is death is dynamically generated by a database query to find the latest numbers.

03 Sortable Table

The table allows visitors to easy discover countries that have high severity of punishment despite having a small landmass. The table can be sorted and searched by text input.

04 Nested Menu Heirarchy

The navigation menu allows for three tiers of links. On desktop screens the menu appears when you hover your mouse, on touch devices the menu requires a tap to toggle the menu items.