WooCommerce Developer

I adapt will WooCommerce to your exact requirements

WordPress Expert

I am very familiar with WordPress which enables me to easily transfer my skillset to WooCommerce. I will be able to adapt WooCommerce to your exact needs.

WooCommerce Community

I am a member of the WooCommerce developer blog and I am often tracking or contributing to the discussion on the plugin.

WooCommerce Shop Owner

I am actually an owner of a WooCommerce store which I have themed and sold products internationally.

Shop Features & Functionality

All of my e-commerce solutions are created using WooCommerce. So for a full list of what I can do for you head over to the online shops page.

WooCommerce Development Screenshot

WooCommerce Development

Nags Needs Equestrian

Nags Needs is an example of what can be achieved with a custom WooCommerce theme. The site isn't complicated - it focuses on moving the customer quickly through the checkout process with minimum fuss.

The site features a prompt to top up your basket if you falls below the free delivery threshold to increase average order value.