A few good

reasons to hire a freelance web designer.

Why would you want to work with me?


I have been developing websites since 2008. I have honed an ability to quickly work out what you need and how to achieve it.


I build long lasting business relationships with my clients by being honest and transparent. These values are are at the heart of my professional character.


Being a freelance web designer is my full time job and focus - if I say I will get something done, I will. I am no fly-by-night, wishy-washy web designer and I certainly will not abandon you.


No phone call dodged, no emails left unopened. Try it now - Watch how quickly I get back to you.


This means the buck stops here. I am the only one you will have to talk to about your website and there will be nothing lost in translation.

Unique Websites

None of my design work is ever taken from a pre-made theme. I code from scratch for site performance and security. I want visitors to remember your site.

Designer and Developer

I have a great balance between being a web designer and a web developer. Being the architect and the builder makes your life easier.

Friendly & Approachable

I pride myself on being approachable and friendly because it makes it easier for communication between us to flow - that and it's just nice to be nice.

Freelance Web Designer Vs Digital Marketing Agency

Should we use a freelance web designer or an agency?

When you need a website designed and developed you have to face the question of “should we use a digital agency or a freelancer?”.

The difference is not always obvious, as some individuals run agencies by outsourcing work, and some agencies are actually just one man bands with many strings to their bow.

The basic answer is that it depends on what your requirements and your budget are, but here are some points you should consider:


When working with an agency you are paying for a full team: designers, developers, copywriters, marketers, project managers, etc.

Freelancers have fewer overheads, leading to project prices being more competitive.


Web design agencies are more of a dominant force in terms of project control and typically are more rigid in their structure.

When you use a freelancer; we will work with you on the project, meaning you will have more control on the project and we can often offer more flexibility.


A common misconception with working with freelancers is that is risky. I would argue there is equal risk associated with an agency.

If you properly check your agency or freelancer, the only difference will be the budget you are risking.


Due to the processes that agencies provide, you may find that the project timeline is longer than you expect.

A freelancer can often beat an agency on price and turnaround time.

Skill Set

Any good freelancer knows to not spread them-self too thinly.

Inevitably as a web designer you need to have a wide range of knowledge about development, design, marketing and SEO. Being a jack-of-all trades is not really an option.

This is where an agency can help out – if you want one company dealing with everything including PPC campaigns, email marketing, social media, content creation then you probably need to hire an agency.

In Summary

The real difference between an agency and freelancer is: coverage of skills and budget.

If you need a full digital marketing campaign including everything with the budget to match, and you don’t want to pick your own team you should probably get an agency in.

A freelancer is single point of contact and nothing is lost in translation delivery is often faster.