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So, you need a new website? I'll design and develop any website you can dream up.

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1. What you get as standard

Expertly Designed

I design beautiful websites tailored exactly for your needs. Your website will seamlessly integrate with your existing brand. I put your users first and will make it easy for them to do whatever it is you want them to do.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

All of the websites I build are mobile friendly and will adapt to any device or screen resolution. The user experience will be as good on tablets, mobiles as it is on laptops and desktops.

Easy to Edit Yourself

By using a content management system I can make editing your site a walk in the park. You’ll be able to add, remove and edit all the content just by filling in a intuitive form on the admin dashboard.

SEO Optimised

The websites I build have inherent on-page SEO. I achieve this by complying with the technical guidelines set out by Google. Having a website built by me will offer you the best chance of ranking for your chosen niche or keywords.

Domain Registration

If you are building a brand new site I will help you choose a domain name and get it registered in your name, so you always have ownership. Feel free to use any registrar you want, or I can provide some recommendations.

Typically and .com are best but you can get more specific domains like .london for London based companies or industry specific domains like .design.

Hosting Setup

I will handle all of the hosting setup for your website. You might already have a host that you know and trust - as long as they meet some minimum requirements, you can use who you want.

Free SSL

It is crucial for websites that deal with user information, or take payments, to ensure that data is safely transmitted. This is achieved by having an SSL certificate. Google also uses an SSL ( padlock icon ) as a ranking signal in their algorithm.

Email Setup

I will set up mailboxes for or if you prefer to use a service such as Outlook or G Suite to handle your email mailboxes I can accommodate that too.

2. Beyond the basics

Social Media Feeds

Adding an Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed to your website can be a great way to keep your website up to date with your latest news. You can have a simple block of your most recent tweet or a complex, filtered grid from multiple sources.

Email Marketing Integration

Your site will build your mailing list by adding GDPR compliant integrations with MailChimp, SparkPost, Aweber or whoever you use to manage your email marking campaigns.

Blog Publishing

Publishing your own articles is a brilliant way of generating content to improve your search engine ranking. If you have industry specific advice or opinions, writing a blog article is a great way of engaging users.

Portfolios / Case Studies

Filterable case studies of your previous projects with descriptions, testimonials, images to demonstrate how good you are at your work.

Video Embeds

Explainer videos and video testimonials are a great way to communicate with your audience. Usually it’s best embed from Vimeo or YouTube, but you can also upload them directly to your site.

You might also consider a fullscreen video background to grab the users attention.

Loading Animations

Adding visual interest to a website can keep your users engaged. But there is a difference between interest and distraction and I know when to draw the line and get the balance right.

User Forms

Your website can be designed to include easy to complete forms to capture information from your users. Since GDPR was made law, you must take responsibility for that data and I can make sure your site has the ability comply.

Selling Online

If you are looking to get your visitors to actually make a transaction while they are on the site, you should take a look at my page outlining my e-commerce development services.

If you know you want to use WordPress then read up how I use WooCommerce to build your e-commerce solution.

3. Advanced features & custom code

Password Protection

Member-only websites and/or restricted sections can be set up in a few different ways. Do you need your members to pay a subscription? Is it only single page you need to restrict access to?

Live Chat

Live chat can be added to your website to give visitors instant answers to their questions. You can use a third party service that send messages to mobile phones. Or you can keep it simple by integrating Facebook Messenger directly on the site.

Bookings & Calendars

Do you need to show upcoming events? Need to allow users to make a booking based on your calendar ( Google Calendar / Outlook )? I will be able to create a website that allows appointments to be purchased and booked online.

CRM Integrations

If you make use of a customer relationship manager such as Hubspot, InfusionSoft or Zoho; I will develop your website will make your customer on-boarding efficient and easy.

Datafeed / API Integration

Your website can use data from a third party, such as RightMove to populate your site. This has the benefit of saving you time, as you won’t need to duplicate the data and will be from the same source which helps prevent human error.

Online Quizes & Results

Give your users a set of questions, take their answers and work out a result. Online questionnaires can be fantastic for market research or to recommend the right product. You can even use a quiz as a competition for social media.

Price Calculators

I can develop a price calculator for your website that customers, or even yourselves can use. Price calculators are a great tool to trap prospective clients / customers, they also weed out time wasters.

Multilingual Websites

If your target audience speaks in a language other than English you can operate a multilignual version of your site. If you are looking for something simple you could offer Google Translate or for more control you can have a fully translated set of text specifically for each language.

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