My New Preferred Website Software

Published October 5th, 2020 in General

As of early 2020 I have changed the content management system / CMS that I use from WordPress to Statamic. Find out why I now use Statamic.

Making the change from WordPress wasn't an easy decision. I have used it to build all my websites, since around 2011. I think the best way to explain why I am doing it would be with some frequently asked questions, so here you go:

Why are you changing to Statamic?

  • Faster page load speed.

  • More secure.

  • Easier to add custom features.

  • Needs less or no plugins ( Fewer moving parts ).

  • Always backed up.

  • Easy to rollback to previous versions of your site.

  • WordPress made some big changes.

Why should you care what CMS is used?

  • It provides the control panel to edit your website.

  • It forms the foundation of the security of your site.

  • It can facilitate features that you want, like user forms, booking systems, etc.

  • It defines the programming language the site is written in, which effects the developer you can employ, and the server you run it on.

I'm used to WordPress, will Statamic just as easy to use?

WordPress might be more familiar to regular editors, but I am confident that Statamic provides a much more simple editing experience. Here is a video of the Statamic control panel compared with WordPress:

Our website is already on WordPress will you still work with it?

I'm not taking on new projects in WordPress, but will be maintaining current clients until time to redevelop.