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Building a Custom E-commerce Shop in Statamic

Published December 15th, 2020 in Development

How I migrated from WooCommerce to a custom Statamic ecommerce application. Bespoke ecommerce - fine-tuned to my exact requirements.


  • Not have to use WooCommerce anymore.

  • Shop that can make use of Statamic's features.

  • Wanted to keep as close to core as possible - to avoid unnecessary work.

Why not a plugin?

  • Configuration creates bloat

  • Ownership of code

  • Statamic CMS for data, Laravel for business logic

  • Future features and customisation


  • Stripe and PayPal integration

  • Algolia search

  • Filtering

  • SPA style basket updates

  • Laravel notifications

  • Product import from inventory

  • Product import from WooCommerce

  • Stock and price synchronisation with existing EPOS.

  • Custom product hierarchy - not just product and variations.

  • Data inheritance from range to product.

  • Unit tests

  • Back in-stock email notifications