E-commerce & Online Shop Design and Development

I design and develop fast and secure online shops that make customers want to buy from you.

Easy to Manage

37% of all online shops are run by the platform I will be building your site on. One of the main reasons for this leading market share is because of its ease to edit and maintain.

Payment Gateway Integration

Paypal comes as standard, but it is common to offer a choice of different payment methods to your customers. I can integrate alternatives such as WorldPay, Barclays ePDQ or another of your choice.

Secure Code

The platform I will use to build your shop is audited by Sucuri, one of the leading global online security companies. As a result you can be sure your shop and customers details are secure.

Custom Delivery Methods

If you deliver physical products you will have associated delivery costs and I will customise your shop to accommodate even the most complicated calculations.


A great way to convince potential customers to purchase your products is to have an audited star rated reviews section from verified customers.

Product Customisation

Certain product types require user input. You can enable customers to upload artwork or a photo, or specify an engraving or inscription on a product.

Stock Management

By enabling stock control you can choose to display your stock levels to your customers, show or hide out of stock products and even get emailed when a stock level is running low.

User Accounts

Your customers will have the option to sign up for an account. With this you can offer email marketing signup and make recommendations to them based on their previous views or purchases.


Many online shops don't hold any stock and instead pass orders to their suppliers who will dispatch on their behalf. I can set your store to automatically pass this data on after successful payment.

Bulk Product Import

If you have an existing spreadsheet of your products then I will be able to import that spreadsheet into your new web shop.


Offering a subscription service will allow your customers' orders to be automated on a certain time interval. Subscriptions can also be used as a type of annual membership

Discount Codes

Using discount codes and coupons can act as a catalyst for sales. It is often used as a way of tracking the success of different promotions and advertising campaigns.

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Online Shop Case Study Screenshot

Online Shop Case Study

Nags Needs Equestrian

Nags Needs is an online equestrian shop selling supplements, clothing and accessories. I worked closely with the client to design the branding and website.
After having the design signed off, I progressed onto developing the shop in WooCommerce - the most popular e-commerce solution.