Website bug fixes and improvements.

Are you experiencing problems or bugs with your website or web app?

Common Problems

You might be experiencing one of the more common issues outlined here.

If you have a WordPress website, plugins are constantly being updated which can cause sites to break if they aren't checked before clicking the update button.

I can also help with custom coded sites and general bug fixing on any website - just fire over an email with the details of the problem and I can give you an estimate.

Slow To Load

Slow websites are frustrating for your users and they don't perform well in search engines. A slow site can be because your site isn't optimised, it might have been hacked or maybe your server needs upgrading.

Error Messages

If your website hasn't been updated or maintained in a long time you might have errors or warnings showing on the site.

You might find that features on your site don't work like they used to or not at all.

Broken Features

Sliders, contact forms, user input forms, navigation menus are all common on websites and if they aren't maintained they can break over time.

Usually caused by other software being upgraded and your website's code not keeping up to date.

Breaks on Mobiles

Websites that were created before responsive / mobile friendly websites were "a thing" can be horrible for users to navigate and will be effecting your search engine rank.

You might also have parts of your website that jsut don't work on touch screens or on smaller devices - I can get these issues fixed for you.

Hacked Sites

How do you know if your site has been hacked?

Usually the site is slower, you might have a large number of new pages that you didn't create, there might be errors shown on the site or clicking links sends you to places you weren't expecting(!).

Browser Incompatibility

Google Chrome is by far the most widely used browser but not everyone uses it. Some large businesses and institutions will only allow Microsoft or Apple browsers.

Your website should work well on all browsers to maximise its usability.