WordPress Developer

I work in WordPress all day, every day; developing bespoke themes for my clients to manage their websites with ease.

Expert WordPress Theme Developer

WordPress Expert

I have been building websites in WordPress since day one. I use WordPress every day and for nearly every web design project. I have a deep understanding of the the WordPress core and how to modify it suit your exact needs.

Fast & Flexible Bespoke Themes

All of my WordPress site's I build are perfectly tailored to you as a client, not from modified, purchased themes. Nothing unnecessary, just simple, minimal code to give you the fastest and most flexible site I can.

No Fuss Editing

By using WordPress as a content management system, you can expect the all the usability the World's most popular CMS coupled with my ability to simplify the system even further.

WordPress Plugins

When building your bespoke WordPress theme, I would be mad to not take advantage of some great WordPress plugins. I keep my usage of plugins to an absolute minimum to increase speed and reduce superfluous code, but these you really can’t do without. Typically all of my themes will include the following:

Advanced Custom Fields Pro

This plugin allows you to do some amazing tricks with data management when you are editing your pages. In my opinion it is a vital component when using WordPress as a content management system.

Contact Form 7

This plugin is a great way to create forms which get sent to your email address. It can be used as a basic email form sending a name, email and message but can also be used for in situations that require more advanced forms with dropdowns, file uploads and anti spam measures.


WordPress has a few e-commerce plugins for you to turn your site into an online shop. I have been working as a WooCommerce Developer for a number of years now and have grown a deep understanding of how it works and how it can be modified to suit your exact needs. If you were looking to create an online shop it worth looking at the relevant pages of my site to get the ball rolling.

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