John Carter

Web Design, Bishop's Stortford

I am John Carter, a freelance web designer based near Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. I create great looking websites and online shops that perform well in search engines.

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Local to Bishop's Stortford

Bishop's Stortford is just up the road from my office and if you want to pop in for a face-to-face then you are only 10 minutes away.


I am not a email or phone call dodger. If I say I will get something done, I will.


I build long lasting business relationships with my clients by being honest and transparent. I hold these values very highly.

Custom Made

Your website solution will be personal to you. My work is never from purchased templates and I design and code every site from scratch.


This means the buck stops here. I am the only one you will have to talk to about your website and there will be nothing lost in translation.

WordPress Specialist

I have worked with WordPress my entire career and continue as an avid fan of the platform to deliver a website that is easily editable for you.

Bishops Stortford Web Design

A huge part of running any local business, particularly a web design company, is being able to be found when potential clients search for terms like web design in Bishop’s Stortford.

When you work with me, not only will you have a professionally designed website, I will also explain the importance of creating content that is engaging and will help you rank well in search engines.

You will see on this page there seems to be a lot of instances of the phrase web design in Bishops Stortford, that is because I want to attract new clients in Bishops Stortford. By writing specifically targeted content will help you find me, so excuse me it has already become boring – but you found me, so it works!

Now I have briefed you on building websites with engaging locally targeted content. This is the perfect time to tell you how good my web design skills are and why I am a better choice over other web designers in Bishops Stortford.