Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about my web design services.

Do you host websites?

No, I don't host sites or offer hosting as a "reseller". I feel it is important for you to have the control of the storage of your website. This doesn't mean I won't organise the uploading or transfer of your site to the host of your choice.

Who do you recommend I buy my domain and hosting from?

I don't have any affiliation hosting companies but for my personal projects I use I would steer clear of 1and1 and GoDaddy as they are typically quite poor servers.

My website doesn't rank very well in search engines, can you help?

I am not an SEO therefore I am not best qualified to help you in that respect. I certainly know my way around the basics and when I build new sites I will build them with on-page SEO, but I don't offer SEO as a standalone service.

Do you design logos and branding?

This isn't an area I focus on, but if required I can design logos as part of an overall web design project. As a digital designer I don't design for print such as business cards, flyers or letterheads.

Will you install and setup a WordPress theme that I have purchased for me?

Unfortunately this isn't something I like to get involved in. I focus my work on building new, completely bespoke WordPress themes. Often buying a theme is a shortcut for a proper website and not something that I do.

Do you have an example of {insert your service or type of site here} that I can see?

Yes, but as a freelance web designer much of my work is contracted from other agencies and therefore I am unable to show it here. Please send a request from my contact form.

How will my website take to design and build?

This depends on the complexity of the site but on average, a new brochure site takes around 6 weeks from start to finish. If you want speed the process up you should prepare your text and photography for the site ahead of time.